What is biology ?


Biology is the set of sciences whose object of study is life, living beings and their cells, biota, and the laws that govern life, the living. Cell biology dates back to the 17th century. The various biologies group together all the essential characteristics of a systematic group, the functioning of an organism or one of its organs.

Saving energy


During the day, leave your windows clear and the shutters open to naturally heat your home. When the sun is present, it simply warms the house through the windows. This natural and free heat, very powerful, will save you a lot of energy and money. Houses with bay windows are sometimes heated only by this way during the day. It is therefore advisable to let the sun enter the house by keeping the shutters open and the curtains to the side.


Choosing the right products at the supermarket


At the supermarket, the multitude of products on offer can quickly make you dizzy. If we decide to consume more responsibly, several choices are available to us: organic, local, fair trade, seasonal products, vegetarian, bulk products… We choose according to our own values products that please us, but above all we choose in such a way that we do not overconsumer and waste, because a vegetable that is not consumed, whether organic or not, remains a waste.